Sunday, April 21, 2013

My Little Precocious

Someone wrote me and asked if I ever drew the Precocious kids as My Little Ponies. I have indeed, but it was loooooooong ago. I think this was my first ever attempt at the pony style, and it wasn't that good. (Not that I got much better, as I've never really practiced drawing ponies.)

These were vote incentives over two years ago, so enough time has passed to share them.

Maybe I'll have to update this idea. (Maybe something along these lines was already in motion...)

For the record: Eye color for the ponies came from outfits, not their Precocious canon eye color.


Iron Ed said...

Would you believe that just last night I was trying to figure out how to search your blog archive to find these?!? Thanks! :-)

As I scrolled down I thought at first that Autumn would be my favorite, but Jacob has such a good expression... and then there's Dionne; but when I got to the bottom I immediately knew that Kaitlyn is Best Pony!

FinalDisnerd said...

I don't know Mr. Ed, Roddy having a silver metal cutie mark may have taken the cake on this one.