Saturday, April 13, 2013

Table gifts are the best!

One of the joys about doing cons is the face-to-face interaction. I have a great time meeting readers, and then having the tables turned on me as I get to meet creators I adore and do the awkward geek-out thing! I especially love if when I get cool gifts, because I'm such a small-timer that such events are extremely rare. The best all these things happend while I was at Fur the More this past weekend, when I got a wonderful surprise of meeting Ahmeh Fahim, of the adorable comic, Silent Pirate! I didn't know he was in the area, so this was quite cool!

As well as a fun creator meeting, he brought me the original art for the amazing guest strip he did for Precocious. Ahh, if I only I had known, I would have given him the original for the guest art I did for him! (Note how he expertly blends his style and makes the Precociousverse his own - while mine simply looks like he was drunk when drawing one of his comics? He wins.)

With any luck, I can even things up by handing over my contribution at a late time, as he can be my Intervention con booth babe!

He got to go on his way with the second-to-last Precocious book one from the initial print run, and the last artist edition of that group! Silent Pirate Yvette! More shame: It wasn't until I was inking that I realized I was using the original headgear instead of the new, costume change beanie. It's not like I had read all the comic, done art of the comic before, or HAD THE REFERENCE IN THE GUEST COMIC PAGES SITTING IN FRONT OF ME or anything. *facepalm* I also totally butchered the ship. Embarrassing! Hey, it's still better than the standard convention cartoonist meet up: "Oh man, I love you work! ...but I'm two years behind in reading it." "Yeah, same here." (No one feels bad about it. We all know the rigors of cartooning.)

Oh, for the record: My preferred table gift is gummi fizzy cola bottles. (Well, assuming I can chew again by the next con.) Even better gift: Money.

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