Thursday, April 18, 2013

New Copper Road! 4/18/13

Vote here to see the new comic! This one goes out to creative types! WE'VE ALL BEEN THERE!

For now, Copper Road remains a "when I can" thing, and this week I can! I'm still fighting the medical demons, but I hoping to keep Copper Road going, but Precocious will always come first. (And it's going fine on that front. Fear not!)

I did set the new stretch goals for the book two Kickstarter campaign to include levels where Copper Road evolves into a real, regular comic! If you want it, come and claim it! We're still a long way from hitting those marks, but I have faith! I know you all must be getting annoyed by me pushing it so hard, but it means so much to me. This is not a "profit" campaign. It's funding my ability to continue doing business. Aside from the one stretch goal I devoted to me, everything's going to keep the Precociousverse thriving.

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