Saturday, February 23, 2013

Working on cover art

Here we go! I've turned that sketch into something pretty! It may still seem a bit wide for the cover if I stick exactly with the prior book layout, but one well-placed bit of text will make up for that!

I need to come up with a clever caption and throw this on a t-shirt or something.  Unlike the last book, the working title isn't shirtable without context.

Update: How about a possible magnet design? Heh. I should stop messing around and get back to doing actual work things.


Iron Ed said...

Oh, I love this! It does imply, to me at least, that there will be a significant number of Copper Road strips in the book though. Will there be?

This picture would also make a great magnet (as long as it's a decent size!), bookmark or advertising handout for cons.

The main concern about book esthetics to me is that this one be the same dimensions as the first so they will look right sitting next to each other on the shelf. :-) (Remember; my first job as in a library. ;-))

Anonymous said...

Looks good. As for my collection, aesthetics takes a back seat to practical storage. I need to buy another book case as my others are full.

welshman09 said...

I like it. It's like a film poster!

FinalDisnerd said...

The layout here makes me think of a bumper sticker, which I would LOVE to have at some point.

That aside, I fully agree with what Mr. Ed said (That happens to me a lot... GET OUT OF MY HEAD!)