Friday, February 15, 2013

Do you find me charming?

I've considered the idea of Precocious charms as luxury merchandise. I have no idea how my readership overlaps with those who charm it up, so I have no clue if I could earn back the expense it would take to create them. Still, if I want to make charms, I have to decide soon, as the window closes at the end of the month. Thing is, I am *awful* at coming up with proper merchandise ideas.

My vanity says people should desire to show off my cute characters alone, as that is enough. My brain says, haha, no. I'm so very far away from that kind of popularity.  I'd do better with something clever and fun - that serve as conversation pieces and be likable to those who don't know Precocious.  More logic says such a marriage of ideas is impossible in tiny charm form, but whatever. We're speculating now. Besides, I prefer a dreamy optimistic post to be atop the news section.

So what do we have?  Well, these would be a set of four.  Doll versions of the main four would be easy as a set, but purely for Precocious readers.  To go even deeper into my vanity, I'd love people to desire comic in-jokes such as the Muffin of Doom, Pingoball and Chrisp-Cola can.

It depends on you guys to tell me if I want to keep sketching ideas, refine ideas or let the luxury item go. I can play with this project, or go back to random sketches when I have the time and energy. I don't consider this a likely success, but what the heck? I felt like sketching tonight, so I did! (There are more merch ideas that will come later in the year, so no one has to hitch themselves to this particular fancy.)


Iron Ed said...

Disclaimer: I am not a charms, buttons, stickers, etc. kinda guy. So take this with a grain of salt. :-)

I think your best shot at sales with these will be the head-shots. Those are cute, decorative and easily understandable to new and potential readers.

The least salable will be the muffins and Bake Sale charms. They are inside jokes and only people who already read Precocious will understand them. They are not cute or interesting enough to stand on their own.

I also like the Autumn and Pingoball charms. They almost look like a set in themselves and it's pretty obvious they are related. They're cute enough, especially together, that they might do okay. A short, quick and cute(?) explanation for browsers might be a good draw for them.

Just my 2c. :-) Hey; you asked! :-) :-) :-)

Codefox said...

I'm not a charm's kinda guy so I can't comment on them but I think some of these would make awesome pins tbh. I have pins on my gaming bags and definitely would put some precocious pins on them!