Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The first book 2 cover sketch

It's weirdly late in the process for me to not have a cover, but here we are.

Group Projects is an important arc in relation to Precocious, so it makes sense that it should provide the cover idea/image. This one taps into how each side of the class has a complement on the other. The composition as it is now is a bit too horizontal, so I'll have to figure out how to work around that.  If I push forward, I'll likely draw each character separately, using a light box to keep them balanced, and composite them digitally. That way I can grow and shrink figures as needed. I also don't *have* to put all main pairs up there. Some pairs can move to the back cover or title page. (Which is where the other kids in the class will land at the moment.) I'll keep playing around with it.

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Iron Ed said...

It'll be a shame if this doesn't fit; it's a pretty cool looking concept!