Sunday, February 17, 2013

Book and Charm Survey! (Updated!)

If I did it right, and I have no idea if I did, there should be a survey over here you can fill out! Please do! It'll help guide my decisions over the next few weeks, and into the rest of the year.  I need to know what you guys want to buy from me, so I can provide it! Even if you aren't intending to spend cash on Precocious any time soon, I'd like to hear from you too and get feedback on why. (And please ignore scrambled writing and potential typos.)

If you need more context, read the news posts below for info on proposed Precocious charms, my health issues, and check the buy stuff page for examples of buttons/magnets and the commissions that I hope to start up again in a few months. All prices listed in the survey are estimates and can change.

UPDATE: Thank for you the responses everyone! I'll be collecting surveys for the next few days, so those stays can get in here. More responses the merrier, be the feedback good or bad.

On the charm front, the feedback seems positive enough that a basic order should be worth it.  A friend pointed out that I was estimating prices with 1" charms in mind, but designing for 1.5" charms. The increased production cost is going to boost the final price.  I also found a service that makes better-quality charms - clear acrylic and DOUBLESIDED - but those charms would be based at $6 each. What does it all mean? When charm designs are done, I'll be giving you another survey before placing any order. Mwa ha ha. Surveys forever. (They're really handy!)

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