Sunday, October 21, 2012

Max being Max

Here be sketches for the next watercolor! The idea here is for Max just being all Max-ish and sweet. Well, there were a few ideas and I panicked and ran away from them, mostly because I didn't feel confident in matching those poses to the watercolor paper's format.

For some reason I locked in on Max holding things. We have his dreaded peanut butter delights on the right, and a board game - Murder Mystery (featuring familiar faces on the box?) - on the left. I like the pouty Max on the bottom, but it's probably not right for this project. Sound of Music Max was just me screwing around.

I'll sketch more Max later if needed. Gonna work on cast page stuff for the rest of the night. (No, it won't be ready for a while. It's a LOT of work, guys.)

1 comment:

Iron Ed said...

All of them are good! But my personal favorites are top-right and bottom-left. Not sure why about the bottom-left; it's just so...sweet? :-)