Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Commissions streaming - Thursday and Saturday

As part of the current fundraiser (please help out, guys), I have three watercolors and three artist trading cards to finish. Let's do it while streaming!

Streaming allows the client to see his or her art being completed, and it gives me a way to connect with everyone! The stream has a chat room, and I hope viewers use it to talk to me and each other! (It's boring and creepy if I'm just working with people watching me in silence.) We can do a Q&A, and I might let the chatroom decide what my warm-up piece will be. (Warning you now: There seems to be a short delay with the video, so that's why I might not respond immediately.)

Streaming will be happening here:

Thursday: Starting at 9PM EDT.

While everyone in the world has seemingly told me Thursday is a bad day (normally it is for me too), I have two sessions worth of art to do, so I'll chug along with it anyway. I'll aim for one watercolor (the sketch for which you see above) and two art cards. I'll start with some warm-up work, then do the art cards before closing with the watercolor.

Saturday: Starting at 4PM EDT.

Start time is a bit more flexible here, so be sure the check back. Going early, so those darn Europeans can check it out if they want. I'll be doing the remaining watercolors/cards during this session.

If you want to check out a streaming session, but you can't make it to these, I have an easy solution: Help out with the fundraiser! I will stream your piece for you, when you're available, if you desire it. I want to keep streaming, but I need contributions from the Precocites to do it.

I also do random work streaming when I feel like it, which are announced on my Twitter account.

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Iron Ed said...

Streaming warm-up thought...

Thursday, October 11... is Cookie's birthday! Shhh!! How 'bout a warm-up sketch of her character either having a picnic with Max or hitting Roddy with a water-balloon? (because Roddy keeps trying to tell people Cookie has a crush on Max in the Water-Wars forum thread.)

Just an idea. :-) I just hope she doesn't read this! ;-)