Monday, October 15, 2012

Commission streaming - Thanks for coming!

(Update: This week's stream sessions are over. Thanks everyone! It looks like Thursday, the 25th, will be my next streaming night. Check back later for more details!)

A fundraiser is going on, which means commissions are being drawn on Ustream! (And slots during both streams are still available, so grab them now!) As long as I have commissions to draw, I will keep streaming my work and chatting with everyone!

Streams will be focused on marker work for now, such as the artist trading cards above, as I need to figure out a better way to handle the camera for watercoloring. (I may do some watercolor streams/camera tests if I feel like it, but they won't be scheduled ahead of time. Follow me on Twitter for announcements.) I'd like to settle into a set weekly schedule for streaming, but that first requires experimenting to see which days draw the best crowds.

Streaming will start at 8pm Eastern time for both sessions, and they will be happening here:

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