Thursday, May 26, 2011

Muffins... of DOOM! - Now in color!

I did it! I watercolored without screwing up terribly! I'm not sure my stroke quality is any good, and I can't stay in the lines to save my life - but those things are forgivable in watercolors, no? I declare victory anyway!

Watercolors are scary things, man, as one mistake could result in the entire piece getting scrapped. And I came close to that. As with all damning mistakes, this one came when I was 99% done with the piece. Everything was painting except for the "o" in "of", and that's when I decided to touch a spot in "doom." One hand slip later, I had a brown smudge across the "do." Fortunately, I was able to blot the paint enough to make it negligible.

Wish I could provide a better pic for you, but scanning faint colors seems to be the impossible task. I went to my good scanner, and everything light still came out as a pale cyan. Which really made Tiffany look weird.

Anyway, the next step in watercoloring is to double down on the difficulty and take on a new commission. Wish me luck, as this one will be a doozy.


Iron Ed said...

Nice job! I think the water-coloring came out fine.

I also think it's amusing that on all four kids it is their right foot pointing straight at the viewer and the left pointing off at an angle. :-) :-) :-)

Christopher J Paulsen said...

I think I draw 90% of my feet that way... It's just what I do.

Iron Ed said...

A few hundred years from now art critics will use that as an argument as to whether or not a certain strip is a genuine "Chrispy". :-) :-) ;-)

Darc Sowers said...

Nice! It turned out great! I so want to commission you for one of your fine art pieces (I love those) but I have one small problem... I'm out of wall space! We need a bigger house. More room for books and art, I say! Hey, I have my priorities.