Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cameo rundown

Edit: New site upgrades means no more hotlinking, so this post was all broken images! You now have to click on the links to see the comic pages. Sorry!

For the city arc, now in its final stages, I decided to indulge my readers and friends and offer cameo spots for strips where background characters are needed. It made all that extra drawing fun! Here is a list of which characters were cameos and who was behind them.

Strip #786
The gray fox in panel one of this strip was by the request of reader Iron Ed.

Strip #787
Reader Roland requested a Eurasian Wolf. I put the gender up for a vote on the forum and the female security guard won.

Strip #791
The yellow dingo is a character belonging to reader Al S. Romero. My webcomicker friend Irene Pitcairn asked to be drawn as a calico cat in a strip, and I was happy to oblige!

Strip #790
The lynx was reader Cyfrostan's request. The husky was inspired by reader InsanityKangaroo. Reader mrgameandpie requested a Welsh Corgi. Finally, Roland gets another show with his suggestion of adding some labs.

Strip #793
I then turned to twitter for my museum curator cameos. The first two replies came from @psychocatboy (the cat) and @comicalpanda (the fox).

Strip #794
More Twitter cameos! The kitty in panel one was inspired by @kendrakirai, while the one in panel three is little miss @drillecat.

Strip #795
On the wall of bans, you will see Ruby from Code Name: Hunter and Blue from Namir Deiter. The colorful kitties in panel two are readers Cookie (blue one) and PurpleCat (purple one, duh).

Strip #797
Our poor crewman here comes from the Twitter volunteers, @granite_grizz. Yorkshire Terrier was actually his 4th preference of species, but I hope he likes it anyway.

Strip #798
And we get to today's strip. The fox is reader @codefox. The bobcat mix comes from reader Adrik the Bat. The two ladies on the right are Sheana (yellow) and Celina (white) from The Cyantian Chronicles.

There's one more cameo coming up in the arc (Strip #802), from reader @JaxTracRat, but I didn't want to wait until his appearance on Saturday to publish this post!

If you want to get in on the reader cameo action, do know that a few more will be coming up in the next few weeks. Watch the forum thread or my Twitter account for when I open up for those requests.


Iron Ed said...

Wow. The first thing I thought when I looked at today's strip was, "Hey; that looks like Celina! Expression and everything!" :-) Then I read your sketch blog description and low-and-behold... :-) :-) :-)

Codefox said...

Very awesome that you did this for us, btw. 8)