Friday, January 8, 2010

Rambling in paint

Who would have thought a painting about being frustrated with my productivity would frustrate me with my lack of productive work on it? Crazy, huh? I'm trying to salvage this painting, but it's at a scary point right now. The way I had it was too simple to fit into the collection, but right now the complexity has no flow or direction. At it stands, the only thing this painting communicates is "this is my style!" and nothing else.

The only way to progress to it flail wildly for a while, which could actually be kinda fun! I'll throw whatever colors pop into my head into the bugger and see what takes. I also might want to switch the background color. The warm tone really isn't working for it. I think a nice flat gray would do it, but I have no paint for that. (Before you point it out, it's really hard to mix that much black and white and keep the gray consistent.) Eh, I'll figure something out.

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