Monday, January 18, 2010

Old habits, but goodies!

I am repeating myself here, as this is the same process that I go through with any painting. Too bad for you! Blah blah blah blah!

I'm really fumbling around wildly with this one, and having a rather good time doing so! I have only the loosest sense of where things are going, but I haven't destroyed it yet - that means it's working!

I was worried starting out today, as the basic structure looks really nice, yet totally incomplete. That means each time I add something, it starts out by distracting. Purple as an addition was a risky choice, as I had planned on using it for the background, but I think it works decently. Not GREAT, but good enough for now.

So, I then turned to my old fix for everything painting: BLACK AND WHITE! (It's how to view the world, kids!) Well, I only got through the black stage - my now-purple hand taught me it was best to let each layer DRY first - but it looks much better with the more confident lining. Next comes the whitening. I'm unsure as to where it will go, so I put it off for the next time!

Tonight, I shift focus to grad school again. I have an essay to write! (And, uh, several letters I've been putting off.)

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