Saturday, March 28, 2009

A state of disconnect

If you've been reading the strip, you know by now I'm in a state of internet connection hell. The one I've used every other time I've been in DC has been down two days now, so drastic measures had to be taken!

I discovered that if I hold my laptop in the air and press it against the driveway-side window on the upper level, I can get ONE AWESOME BAR OF CONNECTIVITY! I connect, load up a page, sit down and do what I need to do, raise the laptop back up and click the send button. Brilliant!

I'm glad to have anything, because I was losing my fingerlickin' mind when I thought I was helplessly disconnected. Unless my regular connection comes back, I likely won't hit the internet again until it's time to upload. (Which I'll try to upload early, due to paranoia.)

But there is a silver lining! Without any internet distraction, all I could do was work! I had 12 strips ready for inking. Now I have .5 strips ready for inking. 11 strips completed in one day!

Today the goal is to try this no-internet, forced-concentration thing on painting. Will it work? Nope! Now that I *expect* it, I'm doomed to fail.

*shakes angry fist at everything ever*

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Applejinx said...

Yay, I got google to remember my password again! Much sympathy on the no-wireless front. When I got home from Furry Weekend Atlanta, my DSL was dead for no reason and I couldn't even get dialup to work. I too had a stray wireless connection from somewhere, to update with.
Starving internetless cartoonists fighting over scraps of wireless ;)