Thursday, March 5, 2009

Death by a thousand colors

Ok, so that may be a *slight* exaggeration...

Here is swatch collection 2.0 - featuring more character color and less random crap. (Sorry, dirt, I don't care if you are colored inconsistently.) This swatch is still big on the corner cutting, unfortunately. I'm relying on memory to know which colors are shared between characters instead of firmly defining them on character sheets. SHIT! I need to make character sheets! That's even MORE work! *sob*

Today has been amazing. I've done almost nothing that can be seen on the website, yet I'm still very tired. I experimented with the simplest comment system out there and still screwed it up, attempted internet socialization, worked on supporting materials and let the hours drift away. I'm slugging away at the thousand "things I should do" and *maybe* connecting weakly on a few. Just to make me feel better, my reader has also dropped off dramatically, as have bids on my ads. MY WORLD IS IN DECLINE! ABANDON SHIP!

Oh, wait, that drop was just the natural ebb and flow of web traffic. I got a huge peak in traffic from one generous site, which boosted everything, and now that wave has crashed. We're returning to the normal swells. As long as I have more readers after the wave than I did before, life remains good. I haven't even factored in how traffic varies by day of the week yet. (Mostly because I'm not yet sure what days do what.) Each feature I add should be a positive. Each strip I add should bring more people to the site. Becoming a successful cartoonist is a process that takes years, so I won't see many payouts from my current effort until I start plotting progress in the long term.

BUT I CAN STILL COMPLAIN NOW! Goddammit, I hate "creating" while sitting still! I normally bounce around! I pace! I move! What I've been doing recently has me sitting at the computer all damn day... and I'm not even geeking out! I haven't read any comics aside from my own in over a week! I haven't checked the news! All I do is code and color, with happy vacations to sit still again and ink. Ahh, but I have started to build up a buffer of strips again. Things are progressing as they should. It hurts, but it's a good kind of hurt.

That being said, if anyone wants to be my colorist out of pure love for me, expecting no payment and minimal credit, SIGN UP NOW!

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