Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The books are in the store!

Update: The store seems to be having trouble with international orders. Tech guy is aware of it and working to fix. I can still take international orders outside of the store, if needed. Contact me with any questions. US-based orders are working fine.

As we reach the end of the book 2 preorder fulfillment, that means I can now stock the Precocious store with copies. All those who missed out on happy book times earlier, now's your chance!  I've even made a limited number of artist editions available. This might be your last chance to get a sketched book this year. If you want an example of what to expect for the sketch, please look at that darling Kaitlyn up above.

The Precocious store is also packed with art goodies! Please browse around and check out all the sections. The merchandise and originals categories are mostly neglected, but that should change soon. If there's something you'd like to see in the store, hit the contact page and let me know.  I'm paying for that store, so I'd sure like to make some sales with it. (Please let me know if you stumble across a glitch in the store, as it's still relatively new and I'm learning my way with it.)

I was hoping to boost my art production with book fulfillment winding down, but I'm dealing with a re-aggravated finger injury on my drawing hand and the health issues caused by that botched tooth extraction last year still have me hobbled.  This means streaming is going to be rare, and probably only for pre-paid work that I owe people. I will not open for new commission until my queue's been cleaned up, with the exception being at conventions. (The last con of the year for me is FurFright, so if you want an art card or character badge, get yourself to Connecticut for October 25-27!) Even when commissions open again, I will have to move my focus away from streamed work. I really want to get back to the grind I'm used to, but I must take it slow for a while.

Bah, let's end on something more fun. Keep checking this page for announcements. One more is coming this week, and it's nifty - especially if you like drawing (and simple assignments)!

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