Thursday, October 24, 2013

Deleted Scene + FurFright + Contest Funtime!

Lots of stuff for this update! As I am heading north to table at FurFright this weekend, there's no time for me to spread things out! Connecticut peeps: Come see me!  I'll be in the back corner, waiting for you - and crying if you don't come.

This should have gone up for Friday, but I won't be near my computer on Friday. Vote to see a deleted scene now!  Due to the nature of the costume contest, I did a lot of playing around with my scripting. The original comics for the weekend ended up being scrapped. Those comics featured the kids arguing and rules and timing, which is so very them - but came out too wordy.  So, of course, I compressed THOSE comics into one script, just so I could make this strip to show you (some of) what might have been.

Speaking of the contest. The soft deadline has passed, and I've locked in most of the script.  Odds are new suggestions won't make it into the comic, but I still encourage art, so I can show it off later on!  Thanks to all who have submitted! I ended up using more costume ideas than I thought I would, so look forward to all the reveals! The first reader-inspired costume pops up on Sunday.  (Contest winners won't be revealed until the end of the story, by the way.)

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