Sunday, October 20, 2013

New Copper Road - and contest update!

The kids are starting to try on costumes, and they're taking it beyond Precocious and into Copper Road! Vote here to see the new comic!

As for the costume contest and giveaway - click the link or look at the post below - the time is now to get your ideas in! Tomorrow I complete the last of the pre-scripted comics, and now I'm on the scripting stage for the in-comic contest - which means it's time for your suggestions to enter the equation!  Email me your costume ideas ASAP!  (You have until the 23rd, but earlier is better.) Everyone who enters gets their name into a drawing for a book or art! Text entries are fine. (Adding a fan art bonus is merely a bribe to gain my favor, and you can send the artwork later if it's not complete yet.) If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
Let's make this a holiday to remember!

And if you're still reading, I suggest you start planning a weekend trip to Connecticut, as I'll be tabling at FurFright this upcoming weekend!  It's the last chance to get a new art commission out of me for the year. After the con, I'm working entirely on pre-paid (or contest winner) pieces.

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