Sunday, September 1, 2013

Vote to see a deleted scene!

It's a new month, which means the TopWebComics counter has reset and it's time to get your vote and boost Precocious!

Normally I start the month with a new Copper Road, but I've been bad at counting recently and I keep ending up with extra Precocious scripts. (Which is why this latest story officially started mid-week instead of on a Monday.) I thought I had everything worked out to get me on track, then new jokes popped into my head. I've already delayed the back to school story once, so I gotta edit the new thoughts into oblivion or turn them into vote incentives. And so now we enjoy extra time with everyone's favorite imaginary friend, Aloysius!

And if you haven't caught up in the comments, that's a real name that real people have, and it looks weird when written down (hence the comic about it). It's pronounced al-oh-wish-us, and that should help. (And, no, the My Little Pony owl's spelling is not how it *should* be spelled. C'mon now.)

These deleted scene comics will not go into any online archive page once they rotate out, so get your reading on now! (They are intended to be book bonuses down the line.)

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