Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Small Press Expo this weekend!

SPX time is finally here! For those not in the now, this is an event where hundreds of the best indie/web cartoonists out there get together to sell and make beautiful things for your amusement.  With hundreds of creators collected under one roof, and admission only being $10, there is no excuse to not hop on a bus and get yourself to the DC area! (It's right next to a Metro station, so if you have friends and relative in DC, give them a surprise visit!)

I will be at table A8, with the lovely Heidi Black.  The other side of our Corner of Power, table A7, will contain the amazing Becca Hillburn and the mighty Emily Kluwin.

I suggest everyone make me look good in front of my peers by buying lots of things. I will have both Precocious books - possible with bonus front page doodles - charms and buttons (including the NEW designs), and my art card binder.  If you've been eyeing one of the art cards in the store, grab it now. It may not come back with me after SPX! I should have stuff for other commissions, such as character badges, too, so ask if you're interested!

And never be afraid to bother me when I'm at my table. If I'm working on art, my head might be down. You are encouraged to come up and look at what I'm drawing and chat with me! I do these shows so I can see you folks!

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