Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Thursday Streaming!

When: Thursday, August 29, 8pm Eastern Time. Where: My Ustream page. What: Rent-a-Chrispy art!

This session is for another of the great Kickstarter backers who reserved this time and helped make book 2 a success. The stream shall feature an artist edition sketch and several art cards, some of which are previewed in the above sketches.

Everyone is invited to watch and chat with me! The stream is scheduled for four hours, so I will still be drawing away if any latecomers poke their heads in.

Typical stream reminders: You don't need an account to watch, but if you sign up you get a username and can follow my channel for streaming notifications. Ustream is a "free" due to ad support, so sometimes there will be commercials. Finally, there is usually a significant lag in the broadcast, so there will be gaps between asking questions and getting answers, going both ways. I still want to chat, though! Give me something fun to babble about as I draw!

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