Saturday, August 17, 2013

Night of Sketches, part 1

I should probably put this story in the LAST of tonight's updates, since that would be on top, but oh well. Here it is.

It was harder than it ever should be to get these sketches scanned and onto the internet. If you've been following me on Twitter, you know that the AC unit on my level had its drain malfunction. And the emergency shut-off failed.  So it flooded. Oh, and the unit's in the attic, so that means lots of fun. I found the water mark around 9pm on Friday night. We shut it down, but the water was already down and soaking through everything. At 4am the ceiling gave out, so that was nice.

Fortunately, insurance covered it. so we had an inspector out on Monday morning.  He discovered the damage was worse that first thought. In the end it's nothing too devastating, but the damage spreads through two stories of the house. Water is kinda relentless that way.

Well, yeah, we're filing that claim, and that means the water damage recovery unit came today. If you stand at the base of the stairs, you can hear three industrial-strength dehumidifiers and three blowers going. It's.. amazing.  Another consequence is that I can't work in a wind tunnel, so I moved everything into my bedroom, resulting in some tech-hoarder mess that has almost no space to move around in, and that space is a deadly jungle of cords. And, as I had forgotten, the only access to the AC unit is through the attic, so I lost my bedroom too while the workers were here. Oh, and then the dishwasher leaked water all over the kitchen, because why not at this point?  And that is the story of why these sketches are so late in getting posted.

Now, on to Rent-a-Chrispy backer sketches!

The sketches here are the last set owed to one of my brave streamer backers. One thing about making art cards of new characters: Realize I don't have a standard pose for them. That sounds lazy, but it's more about being comfortable in knowing who they are, and how they would react in various situations.  I haven't truly decided yet where Esme stands in relation to the other characters.  She's got an administrator's mentality, of course, but where does her heart truly lie? We haven't had a chance to see her outside of the principal role yet. So here are some attempts to find where she fits in Precocious. I don't think it's too surprising I drew slightly concerned, exasperated, annoyed and slightly more concerned.  Imagine if you were in charge of not only those students, but the crazy teaching staff as well.

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