Saturday, August 17, 2013

Night of Sketches, Part 2

The sketches here are going to cover what goes down during Tuesday's Rent-a-Chrispy stream!

These commissions are going to cover his character and how his character having fun in other creative universes. I started by doing my Chrispy-style sketching of Errant for a standard character card.  I sketched a front view and a profile to choose from - although I guess he can have both if he wants, since there's a character button involved with this project too.

Below those, you see me sketching Animal Crossing Errant and Precocious Errant. I really like the gamers sketch, which will become his book 2 sketch.

The Animal Crossing commission involves Errant bringing Coffee to the always-on-duty (and rarely talked to) Digby, and doing some flirting in the process.  I admit I struggled in figuring out how to pull it off, as a kiss  on the cheek is meant to happen as the coffee is being handed over. Due the AC's top-heavy anatomy, I felt doing both at once would throw off balance make Errant fall on his face - even with me cheating a bit to elongate the body! Once sketch has both, in which both character ended standing straight up and down to keep balance. The other sketches are before and after the exchange takes place, freeing up the body movement.  If any strikes the client's fancy, I'll play around with the dynamics more to create and active composition.

I drew that Digby from memory, btw. I'm kinda worried I was able to get it as close as I did.

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