Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ursa Major Awards + Conventions!

So I got a surprising bit of news yesterday. It seems Precocious is a finalist for Best Comic Strip with the Ursa Major Awards. What an honor!  This award is determined by fan voting, so it's up to you all to help me out! Voting runs until May 15th, so expect periodic reminders.  (And no time like the present?) You have to sign up to vote, but aren't I worth it? *Bambi eyes*  And be sure to vote for as many categories as you can on that ballot. They need your contributions!

Convention season is about to start up, so let's provide you guys with updates!

Fur the 'More, in Baltimore, is right around the corner, April 5-7! I will be there, even though I'm still broken, so please stop by and make me happy! To keep myself from facesploding too much, I'll probably only be around on Saturday and Sunday. Keep watch on my Twitter feed that weekend for updates. (That goes for any con weekend, though.)

The next conventions for me are the big boys:  I will be at Anthrocon! (July 4-7.) It's the big one for the furries, and a lot of fun! Just like at Midwest FurFest, Mat of Badly Drawn Kitties should be my booth babe. Bonus: I am next to Bill Holbrook this year, which means I get to bask in his awesome glory the whole weekend!

And here's a surprise:  I should be at Connecticon too! TWO BIG CONS IN TWO WEEKS! I'm really looking forward to taking on something more mainstream, and I get chances to see a lot of my New England friends, who really need to live closer to the convention center! Where's my free place to crash, people? Show mercy!

The other cons for the year:
Intervention, Bethesda, MD - August 23-25 - Confirmed!
Small Press Expo, Bethesda, MD as well! - September 14-15 - I've applied, but we shall see!

These two aren't open for sign-up yet, but I'll try for 'em:
FurFright, Cromwell, CT - October 25-27
Midwest FurFest, Rosemont, IL - November 22-24


DRB_II said...

That's Rosemont, thank you, but hey, if you're going to try and be there again, then so can I! And I still won't have any clue what in the hell I'm doing there!

Christopher J Paulsen said...

Not my only typo in that one.

And if you don't know what to do in the con, but HAVE A CAR, then I suggest saving yourself the con fee and becoming our dinner savior one night instead. That hotel is in a food dead zone, and rides to proper eateries are so valuable! Saves you some cash, and you get me off-duty, which is an improvement from trying to talk between customers.

DRB_II said...

Doable! So long as you and whoever else you're with don't mind getting crammed into two-door Focus (two doors, for maximum inconvenience), that is entirely doable.

Now I have about 8 months to proper eateries, since Rosemont's quite a ways past my Restaurant Knowledge Zone. Long term project!

Christopher J Paulsen said...

As soon as a dinner party gets above five, everyone is sad, as then it means two runs and that doesn't ever go well. YOU WILL SAVE LIVES! (From being forced to hang out with me in the losers buffet.)

FinalDisnerd said...

Excited to hear that Connecticon is looking good so far! Let me know if you need anything (eg. Food, transportation, lodgings, etc...).

I live about 15 minutes from the Convention Center, so I can make things work.