Monday, March 18, 2013

Charm offensive! (Sold out!)

If you've been properly stalking me around the internet, you already know the charms are in! And you should also know the book two preorder will be happening soonish!  (I haven't decided the exact date, just because I want to keep fiddling with the tiers and timing and stuff. It's in the process, though)

Well, I can't sell charms AND books at the same time! That's a conflict of interest! The books take priority, as it's a Kickstarter and it'll only happen if I can meet my goal.  Once the goal is met... FULL CHARM OFFENSIVE BEGINS!

But there's one more mitigating factor... I AM OUT OF MONEY. Well, my business account is empty!  I need it for business things! So let's do a thing!  There are only 25 sets of charms, so you might have to fight to the death over some of them.  That'll be fun, but that's not for now.  I only have a handful of envelopes left, and I don't want to spoil much for the Kickstarter... so ALL PRE-SALE CHARM SETS ARE SOLD OUT!

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