Sunday, March 10, 2013

Kaitlyn's Sketchbook

I am performing an experiment this week! I've wanted to try the sketchbook pages idea for a while, and I decided to add the twist of the sketchbook being drawn in over the day.  At various points in the day, Kaitlyn will add new sketches to her page, so keep checking back!

The pages have three to five sections, and when they are complete the note atop the page will tell you. (Assuming I saved the files correctly.) If all goes according to plan, the first sketch for each page goes up at midnight.  The next should come when I wake up to the point of being functional the next morning, with the rest spread out through the day, depending on how many updates are left to do.  I hope to have each page fully updated around 8pm Eastern time, but it won't be an exact thing.

Why do this? I like the idea, plus a few of these should get good speculation and debate going. (Though I ask you to try not to get angry at the opinions of a fictional 10-year-old girl.) I hope you enjoy the ride!

Your feedback will have a direct result on one of the comics, but the rest were drawn last week.  I would like to do another sketchbook run, with more live-drawing/feedback-guided stuff, but that's for the future. (And only if this works out.)

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Iron Ed said...

Well, the first day's sketchbook page turned out pretty cool and seems to have drawn its share of commentary. Nice!