Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Copper Road! 1/10/13

Oh, hey, this! I was supposed to post this Monday, but I was too busy writhing in agony. For several reasons! My head is the RG3 knee of cartooning right now. (So, an 8-10 month recovery time? At this point, I'd believe it.) Vote here to see the comic!

Precocious will continue as normal, by the way, but I'll be very slow with everything else. I'll do what I can when I feel non-screamy, though.


Iron Ed said...

I like Wen's post best. :-)

Eight to ten -MONTHS?!?- I feel for ya, dude! :-(

Cloudchaser Sakonige said...

I'm guessing that they're not Alabama fans

Hope you get well soon!