Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Convention update! (Edited)

UPDATE: Due my continuing health problems, I have been forced to pull out of my MarsCon appearance. You should all still go to get your sci-fi fix, though!

Since my convention stuff is currently buried on the Buy Stuff page, I'll toss out a reminder here. Make your plans, kiddos!

MarsCon - January 18-20 - Williamsburg, VA
(appearance canceled)

Fur The 'More - April 5-7 - Baltimore, MD
This is an upstart furry con, trying to get something going in the mid-Atlantic region. As this one *also* happens to be nearby other dear friends, I hope it has great success! I will be hanging around the dealer's room, hopefully selling stuff and drawing continuously. Support it if you can, because it's totally convenient for me if it can grow!

Anthrocon - July 4-7 - Pittsburgh, PA
This is the big one! The second Precocious book will debut here! (For those wondering, pre-orders should start in February.) I will be at Table N19, in the far-right aisle of the Dealers Room!

Those are my confirmed conventions. Other likely appearances will be at Intervention (August 23-25, Rockville, MD) and MidwestFurFest (November, Chicago, IL).  I'm trying for Connecticon, SPX and FurFright too, but it's harder to get a table with those.

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