Tuesday, January 15, 2013

MarsCon appearance canceled

Due to my continued health problems relating to my ill-fated tooth extraction so long ago, I have been forced to cancel my appearance at MarsCon. I was looking forward to being a panelist and hosting my first talk, but I have been advise against taking that on in my current state.

My deepest apologies go  to the wonderful people behind the convention, the panelists I won't be there to support and anyone who wanted to visit me. My heart breaks having to do this. I hope to make amends next year.

For those wondering about my future, all the healthy hours I have are being devoted to keeping Precocious going. When I find extra windows of energy, I will work on the few remaining owed commissions, as well other projects that need attention.  Commissions remain closed until I'm healthy enough to stream at my prior pace.  Any streaming in January, if any, will be short coloring streams for the owed commissions only, and likely done with little to no warning time. I'm going to be *very* cautious going forward with easing myself back into a normal schedule.

Sorry to everyone. I'll be a fighter, and I'll get healthy again. If I could blow up my drawing finger and only miss a week of updates, I can survive my head exploding too.

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Iron Ed said...

Take your time and get healthy, Chris! Don't overdo it and risk making things worse. We'll be here for you!