Monday, September 26, 2011

The donation drive sketches

With the last of the donation drive materials arriving at their destination today, I can finally let loose the collection of sketches made for the drive! (The reason this last one took so long is because the sketch turned into a long-term commission... and I was slow in finishing it.)

What have I learned from this? It's FUN to do mini-commissions, and I'm much better at it, timewise. So, of course, now I want to open myself up to (small) commissions again.

BUT I'M NOT! Not yet, at least. Other work takes priority. Check back here the first week in October, though... (And, I warn you now, the slots will be limited - and it's first come, first serve.)


Iron Ed said...

There are several really neat pics in here!

Now, who's the kitty at the bottom left??

Christopher J Paulsen said...

That's Drillecat, who you may remember from the recent batch of guest strips.

Iron Ed said...

Ah; I don't see a drill so I did not think of her.

Greg said...

1. Is the mention of sharing a birthday with a national holiday a reference to anyone in particular? You, perhaps?

2. What board games are in the picture in the corner?

Christopher J Paulsen said...

The holiday drawing was for someone with a July 4th birthday.

The only board game I drew was Jacob and Quincy playing chess. Bud and Autumn are reading evil-themed books in the last image. I can't remember exactly what they were off the top of my head.