Thursday, September 29, 2011

24-Hour Comics Day: Cheaters Edition

So I thought it would be cool to try this crazy event one year - in which one puts together a 24-page comic in 24 hours. This year seemed as good as any! Of course, I have no intention of playing this game with integrity. Here's why:

I don't plan on displaying my comics all at once. No, my glorious plan is to make them VOTE INCENTIVES! One a day for 24 days? Would that help me climb the rankings? (Would anyone but the regular voters even notice?)

I have hand health to worry about as well. My gimpy finger still occasionally gives me problems and I'm not risking long-term health for some crazy stunt like this. When my hand tires, I will stop. I'm still hoping to go 12 comics in 12 hours, but I'll deal if I fall short. I'll have time to finish the project later!

Finally: I HAVE STUFF TO DO ON SATURDAY! (That's the official day, since I didn't mention it before.) I may end up doing one strip Saturday morning (for a first-of-the-month vote incentive) and saving the rest of my time for Sunday or Monday.

So, yeah, I'm cheating like crazy and totally not in the spirit of things... except for the crucial having fun part! Heck, I may change my mind and not do this at all. Only time will tell...

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