Sunday, September 4, 2011

All the news that's fit to draw

Here's a followup of the newscast invasion commission. The characters are, hopefully, in place. All I need now is a nice background. Once that's in place, I'll trace the image onto a new sheet with colored pencil and begin the coloring process.

I'm moving slower than I'd like with this, but the fact that I'm moving at all is a good sign! I've got a lot on my plate these days, and I'm starting to sort it all into a decent work schedule. Still moving half as fast as normal, with double the normal workload - but things should equalize eventually.


Darc Sowers said...

It's looking great. Heh, no profession is safe from these kids! Not that I blame them. Darn breaking news stories, always interrupting the cartoons.

Iron Ed said...

With direct input to news broadcasts they can be sure their own exploits will be reported with the 'proper' spin. ;-)