Friday, April 9, 2010

Put on that dress!

It's been a while since Autumn wore her signature schoolgirl style, and that is a darn shame! Autumn is a weird anomaly in the comics world. She has more than one standard outfit, and she's not afraid to dress in one-off style. Why is this?

I suppose it's because the schoolgirl getup doesn't work in every occasion. If it's cold, she needs a jacket or her turtleneck. If it's a casual situation, she can get by in slacks and a tank top. The schoolgirl outfit is for Autumn at her crazy "I'm a master manipulator!" best.

In this case, the reason for being out of costume is fairly innocent. She was going to be sitting cross-legged on the floor, and a skirt was a no-no. Since the last few weeks were all part of the same day, she wasn't allowed to change. I do like the connotations, however, that Autumn has let her guard down around Kaitlyn. Now that Autumn's screwed up the situation, her schoolgirl outfit will reappear as defense!

Autumn is a fun character in that, as much as she thinks she's cool and collected, everything seems to affect her. She's enjoyably expressive, and I suppose that trait does lend itself to changing costume. Granted, I admit most of the costume changes were more of me testing things out than intentional mood draping, but it's still a nice touch!


Unknown said...

luckily, PRECOCIOUS fan base has grown, but not too much that creepy fanart hasn't took advantage of that fact.

awalker1829 said...

Or creepy fan thoughts for that matter.