Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Can I have this dance?

Here are some proposal sketches for yet another commission! This time we have Dionne and Max at some formal social event thingy, and aren't they acting cute? Rich people have all the class!

Dionne and Max have an interesting friendship, considering they couldn't be more opposite. I think of it as a common ground friendship common to youth, where friendships are often based on proximity more than anything. It's only when we get older and set in our ways that we become more selective about who we party with. Despite being the embodiments of good and evil, there's plenty of common ground. They're both smart, and in the same smarty class. Both of their families have money, landing both of them in the ritzy Diamond Bluffs. They've probably been put together for as long as both have lived in Gemstone Estates, so why not do something with it! Hey, opposites attract, right?

Actually, let's stop right there. I'm going to sink this ship before it sets sail. When I created these characters, I limited them to doggie or kitty forms. One reason for that was the knowledge that if I added in any more species, people would start identifying them BY species - and I didn't want that. They may have cute animal forms, but they act and are treated like people. That being said, I didn't choose their forms willy nilly. Max and Dionne are both elite animals (wolf and cheetah-ish) because they're the elite kids, for example. Another use of the duels species is that I could determine compatibility. Most pairs are dog-cat for a reason - to stop the shippers! Dogs and cats together = MASS HYSTERIA! They're not supposed to be together IN THAT WAY. Bud and Autumn will never have romantic tension, and neither will Jacob/Tiffany, Dionne/Max or Kaitlyn/Quincy. It is not that kind of comic!

Not that this coding STOPS anyone, but at least I tried!


Al S. Romero said...

Romance in comics is tricky. For example, my comic might have the cliche main-guy-and-girl-will-get-together-thing. I want to make my stories in which people think that they WILL get together, or never throughout the series.

Because your comic is mostly based on the fun and youthfulness of these precocious kids, it is quite understandable.

Anonymous said...

I didn't think of that implication much-the understanding being that they are kids and part of the same community. I was more or less playing on more traditional themes of the gentrified South-where I grew up.

Being that both Max and Dionne were born into privilege, they have been taught what behaviors are proper and expected of people of their status. Max knows how a proper gentleman conducts himself and Dionne knows how a proper lady conducts herself. Max knows that it is bad form to refuse a request for a dance under most circumstances.

As for the setting, it is either a school/church sponsored dance or an ice cream social. Dionne's still a bit young to attend a cotillion or Debutante's Ball. Yes, they still have those in some cities and towns. Either way, they most likely attend the same major social events, so sharing a dance would not be improbable.

ZarPaulus said...

So what about foxes? They're pretty different from other canids in real life (of course wolves, dogs, and coyotes are practically all the same species).