Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Blue Period

With one sketchbook done, it's time to christen the new one!

Ok, so maybe it's not "new" new. The two Bud sketches were done on the 1st when I was trapped here and my sketchbook as in DC. As my trusty pencil was also in DC, the only mechanical pencil around was the one with the dark blue lead - a type I tried by soon found utterly unscannable. Then pencil sat around just in case and I figured it might be fun to make page one a blue affair.

The official start of the new sketchbook came with the Roddy army, done last night and today. Roddy is kinda hard to draw, since getting him slightly off makes him look like a Jacob/Max hybrid... which is bad news, since Roddy is a kitty. That's the consequence of the similar fluffpoints hairstyle. (I toyed with changing it up, but I'm sticking with the slightly-muted Jacob pattern at the moment.) I'm still scared to death of inking him regularly. I'll have to be inventive.

The shaded Roddy was just for style and practice. Here's the sketch all alone:

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