Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Things are looking up!

I think what I like best about this sketch is how SLOPPY this horrible pun is! Does it even make sense? I mean, if Suzette perceives that she may be labeled as a "thing" then there will be blood! Best of all: The copyright information placed *just so* to muddle the idea even more. SPECTACULAR FAIL!

Also...check out the arrogance in posting this before any election returns are in! Look, barring MASSIVE election fraud, Obama has this thing. But with the last two elections...

You know what? Fuck it! I have been a cynic through this entire election cycle and I'm going to let myself get carried away for now. Heck, as I typed that last sentence I just sent my brother out to buy me celebratory booze. (My first liquor purchase in about... two years... wow.)

I may eat my words later, but at least I'll be drunk. Alcohol always gives me the munchies and all I have here are rice cakes. My words are scrumptious!

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