Friday, December 19, 2014

New Copper Road! 12/20

UPDATE:  It apparently showed up at midnight west coast time! That also happened the last time this glitch appeared. Interesting! Especially since the TWC people claim they don't use the west coast time anymore! Woop woop!  Anyway, I'll leave the original post as it was, below:

Hey, folks! Apparently TopWebComics is still glitching on me, so my new incentive isn't actually appearing yet. Still, I'm going to post this and ask you try voting anyway.  (Vote here to MAYBE see the new comic.) Every time the site has glitched on me, the incentive did eventually appear. I'm curious about WHEN it actually shows up. (Is it only after a certain time zone passes over to midnight?) If you vote and see the comic, post a comment under today's comic to let me know!  ("It's still not there!" comments are only useful once an hour.)

For the record, I uploaded the new Copper Road at 8pm eastern US time. It works from my TWC incentive control panel, so I know it's there. Somewhere the code isn't making a connection correctly. I've sent another email to TWC about the issue, and I'm hoping this time I'll get a reply more helpful than, "Tech support says nothing is wrong." Because all the complaints are just us having a mass hallucinations? (It's hard to be optimistic about a support staff when sending messages to their email address returns an automated error message.)

I guess a tech support nightmare is a proper way to end my little "nightmares turned reality" series of Copper Roads.  I hope you've had fun watching lives be ruined!  (By the way, my wake-up jolt this morning was a wasp flying into my face... in my bathroom. That's a good summary of my 2014, the year when my nightmares became my everyday reality!)

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