Monday, August 11, 2014

New Copper Road! 8/11/14

(First, if you haven't been paying attention to other news posts, I suggest you go look at Curtailed!)

As for Copper Road, this may be well-worn territory, but it's topical! For me. I have come into possession of a blender. Since eating solid food causes me pain, it would be wise of me to turn my diet more to liquid/soft stuff... but I've never liked smoothies. So... anyone want to share a recipe that won't make me sad? (You can click the title of these news posts to visit the blog and post a comment if you wish, or find me through the contact page.)

This is, again, a small Hi/Shii Ann moment to be a cute bit before the next deleted scene from the camp story rolls in for Sunday's update. Since the previous deleted scene probably WON'T make it to a book, I'll put it in this post. (Thanks again to Mat for lending me the director's design, and I apologize for doing horrible, potentially friendship-ending, things to him!)

In OTHER injury news, I hurt myself recently in a random and entirely embarrassing accident. I'll heal up soon, but I'm spending most of the past and next week on bed rest. That makes it awfully hard to do all my work, but I'm grinding the best I can in small doses. I'm someone who is very bad at doing nothing, so this has been odd. I actually WATCHED a movie from bed - like, not drawing during it, so I could read the subtitles - and that was neat! Anyway, I may end up missing August deadlines by a week due to this - so I'm sorry if I do! Know it's all coming soon still!

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Will said...

Hey Chrispy, it's not really much, but a simple thing I tried at least once is my weird remake of a boston creamer: Strawberry Ice Cream and a good Ginger Ale.