Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Copper Road! Anthrocon! Kickstarter!

New Copper Road, but more on that in a bit...

It's time, everyone! I will be at Anthrocon this weekend, with the debut of the super-pretty book three! The birthday cake gift boxes will be back for all who get a badge or art card commission, and I will have a few Cupcakes of Bliss! Another debut will be Precocious cast poster!  Lots of other good stuff will be there - including my assistant, Mat of Badly Drawn Kitties - so come to table L18 and buy many things!

Ok, *now* we can Copper Road it up! I could have easily made this a comic raging against June only having 30 days  - I may know the calendar, but I could REALLY use that 31st day with con prep! - but instead you get another rant about something more important: HOW COULD KEEBLER DO SOMETHING THIS TERRIBLE!?!?! Little Debbie can pull it off! We need an emergency Bud visit to make life worth it again. Vote here to see the new comic!

Finally, for you Kickstarter backers, I sent out my pre-survey primer! Surveys will start going out tonight and tomorrow, and they'll likely finish arriving once I'm back from the con. (As always, show mercy to the artist coming back from a busy weekend. I will be fully zonked for most of next week. THEN the fun begins!)

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