Sunday, June 1, 2014

New Copper Road + Kickstarter Update!

New  month, new Copper Road! Vote here to see the comic! Want more Copper Roads? Get to pledging for the book 3 Kickstarter! But more on that below - let's talk about this new comic first!

I'm a sports guy, and there's no denying the madness that comes with that turf. Everyone has some sob story, since only one team wins at the end. DC teams, at the moment, are pretty darn shameful. Recently, I've watched the National lose most of their starters to injury and go on some pretty painful slumps. When I snarked on Twitter about it, two oblivious people decided to engage me about how bad their problems were... and this comic is a sadly accurate retelling of how that went.  In both cases, they had to be pitied because their team ONLY made it to the championship last year. (And this year too.) Seriously, sports people. You gotta have some perspective!  Boston overloaded on so many championships in the last decade or so that no one's gonna have sympathy - even if it's fully deserved.  On the other end, it doesn't matter if you like the teams or not, you don't give a Cleveland fan a hard time.  Let's think about context here, and all agree that sports fans from Pennsylvania are terrible, and all the suffering in sports should be channeled to them.

Now, on to the Kickstarter update! The good news? WE'VE REACHED THE BASE FUNDING GOAL! The followup news? That was merely step one. We've now paid for printing the books, printing the current bonuses and shipping it all. That's it.  I'm aiming big this year, because I need to aim big to survive - and that mean I gotta make the best bonuses I can. Everyone gets what they want, and maybe I get to keep my house!

The first bonus is above: A window cling that will go out with every physical book order! The list of stretch goals is up, and I can't wait until they start popping! And I have greater ambitious too, if we can all pull it off.

The campaign is being finessed and adapted as I go, to match up with the needs of the people.  We're very close to unlocking the next wave of tier options - including Copper Roads, Cupcakes of Bliss and digital book add-ons!  Updates should be coming in regularly, both with new tiers, new goals and art updates for the bonus items.  Just give me the rest of Sunday off from updates. I gotta take time to make some Precocious comics. Those are important too! (Monday, though, should be fun!)

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