Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hand-in-Cast Week!

If you've been following my Twitter, you already know my hand ended up in a cast thanks to me re-aggravating an old drawing injury. (The legend of these kids' destructive powers lives on!) Since I didn't expect the cast to happen, I didn't have the buffer to cover two weeks of limited drawing ability. I had to bump a rather drawing-intensive story back a week and improvise! Enter the Precocious dolls, created by the mighty Eric of Duae Designs! (By the way, if you all want a second doll set to happen for book 3's preorder, make your voice heard now.) Further down in this post, I'll give you info on how you can take part in this silly week, but first...


Every day this week, a new page of a Copper Road story - inspired by *ahem* certain events - will go up as a vote incentive on TopWebComics. (Yes, the first comic of the story is the one the dolls are "helping" with.) You have to vote to see the updates, and you can do so by clicking the TWC button, the Copper Road preview image off to the left of this post, finding the link I post in the comments each day... or just clicking this link right here. I'll do my best to update Copper Road at the normal daily update time.

So why are the "real" comics the incentives and the doll stuff the main updates? First, doing it this way means all of these will go into the archive. Second, the comics are decidedly Copper Road and not Precocious. Third, we can ALL play with dolls! Readers, you can take part in making this week a lot of fun!

I know a bunch of Precocious dolls are out there, which means those who possess them can totally join in with the photo and caption fun. Set up a scene, take you photos and post them into the comments sections throughout the week!  Need help? You can email me your photo and idea, and I can put it together for you. In case you haven't figured out those blue letters mean those words are a link, my email is on the Contact Page. You can also enjoy the resources below:

No doll? No problem. If you have image editing skills, but no doll to photograph, feel free to use these provided photos of the dolls, with transparent backgrounds for your convenience!

Right click and "save as" to download all resources:

- Doll Bud
- Doll Autumn
- Doll Jacob
- Doll Tiffany
- The Precocious Font TrueType file

As for posting your image in the comments sections, let me borrow this handy graphic from the FAQ page to help you out:

You still need to have an image host to post anything. If you don't have one, drop me an email and I can upload it for you. If I'm missing anything, ask any questions in the comments and I (or a reader in the know) will reply and help you out.

I'm always nervous when I ask for reader participation, but a little involvement from everyone can turn this cute week into something memorable. DO IT FOR MY POOR MANGLED FINGER!

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