Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Back to comics! (Wish me luck...)

I hope you all enjoyed the doll onslaught! If you want more in the future, save up some money so you can help me unlock dolls as part of next month's Kickstarter - or toss me some donations so I can at least commission a set for meeeee!

For those that missed any of last week's Copper Road story, I've compiled all seven strips together into one incentive. Vote on TWC to see it!

My hand is out of the cast, but things aren't so encouraging yet. The finger is VERY sore after being held in place for two weeks, so right now the pain is worse than it ever was and I have no indication those two weeks did anything positive for the issue we were trying to fix. The hope is that the hand will calm down from it's cast anger, and things will at least to be back to (the unideal) normal come morning. There is potential for a deleted scene comic later in the week, though it might get saved for later if drawing is too hard for me.

Please be nice to me this week. I don't see any probably outcome where I won't be really struggling to stay afloat.

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