Sunday, June 9, 2013

Promoting some friends!

One of the perks of having a comic is sharing stuff that I feel should be shared. I have a trio or friends doing promotions right now, so let's give them a signal boost! Maybe one is offering something you want!

Going in order of the banner, I'll start with Tiff Ross, creator of the Cyantian Chronicles and Alien Dice. She's currently holding an Indiegogo campaign to fund those adorable plushes of her character Darius. If you don't want the cute doll (WHY NOT!?) she is also offering commissions as part of the fundraising.

Next up is Becca, of the Nattosoup art and comic blog, who is working on adorable watercolors, featuring art of Pokemon, Studio Ghibli, Nintendo characters, Adventure Time and Gravity Falls, among original creations. Check her Tumblr for a sampling of them. You can commission new watercolors, or grab one already created, over at the Nattosoup shop! (Edit: There's some issues with the store check-out. It'll be fixed soon, but you'll have to contact Becca directly to purchase something for now.)

Finally, Darc of Code Name: Hunter is doing a fundraiser to replace her well-used Cintiq, and offering lots of perks in the process. This is one of the best-drawn comics out there, and funding keeps it going strong, with more updates per week! She's so close to the goal! Don't you want to be the one that puts her over the top? Remember, she's also giving back to artists, new and old, with her Pimp My Studio giveaway, so she deserves some love. (The deadline for that promo is midnight of June 10th - that's today!)

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