Sunday, June 23, 2013

Convention preppery!

If you've been following me other art dumping grounds, you've seen my recent push for artist trading cards. I have this cute binder that looks so good when filled, I wanted to make that happen even if it meant dying before I could even get to the cons! (I never said I was good at decision making.)

With a week of so many vote incentives, extra art and promotion posts had to be pushed aside, but they shall come! It's about time to start reminding folks about Anthrocon and Connecticon!

I'm debating setting little Eevee here loose on tumblr alone.  Is he cute enough, and is his plight poignant enough, to get the reblogs a-fire?

The scary part of Tumblrizing ATCs is the mandatory resizing to 500 pixels. That usually makes the cards twice the size of the originals on my monitor. (And even more exaggerated for vertical cards!) While still time consuming to draw, ATCs are little! They are the size of standard playing cards. It's weird to make them big!

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