Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Copic Swatch Page Update

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Today I realized I haven't updated my online swatch list in a long time, so why not do that now? As you can see, I've expanded my marker selection greatly since last year's con season. Most of the additions happened in December and January, when I thought I had six months of constant commissions/streaming ahead of me. Haha, whoops. Face exploded instead. As it stands now, outside of already-promised work and some Kickstarter bonuses, this set won't get much of a workout outside of conventions this year. What a shame. I love working with Copics, learning and growing as I progress. (Remember, I've only used these things for a year. I'm still, compared to most commission artists out there, a novice - and in need of practice.) So here's hoping for good health, and good streaming days to come!

While it's impossible to give you exact color, as scanning and the monitor the file's displayed on changes the appearance, this is still a handy tool to have for online commission work. Clients can look at what I have and at least get a ballpark idea of which colors to use. The lightest of the colors - in the top few rows, along with B60 - got washed out, but that's ok since I use them for layering/blending and they wouldn't be chosen by clients anyway.

If you want to know the colors I am missing, I have them on my Dick Blick wish list. (They are the Sketch Markers on the list.) I doubt I'll be buying new markers anytime soon on my own, but gifts are always accepted! The most important marker that's needed is cool gray 4. I've repeatedly said I want someone to bring me a payload of C4 as a gift! It's too fun of a joke to ruin by buying it myself. (For handy reference, the number on the right of the marker designation indicates lightness/darkness.  V0000 is the lightest, while V99 is the darkest.  But, remember, it's the RIGHT number.  B39 is far darker than B91. I can build up lighter colors to make a dark, so that's why most of the missing numbers end in 8 or 9.)

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