Monday, September 3, 2012

A big 'ol thank you!

My (hellish) move is complete! While I am so tired and the buffer is gone, I now have the means to make comics, so make comics I shall! Precocious is back, and ready to rock your world!

I finished today's comic only a few hours before update time, so if not for the help of all the guest artists, Precocious would have been in much trouble. Let's give them some love!

Featured guest cartoonists: Ahmed Fahim of Silent Pirate, Jackie Wolenhaus of Between Failures, Ms. Dark, Lemmo, of Blank It, The amazing Heidi Black, Michelle Van Zandt of Ginpu, Artistjess and Carl Sjostrand, of Ginger's Bread!

Incentive artists: Jordyn Jensen, Lucy Lyall of Spare Keys for Strange Doors, Precocious' colorist DRB_II!, Iron Ed, Jeremy and his sister, Erick Amill of Biff the Vampire and...

We have one last incentive! Heidi Black created this bonus art to compliment her comic, but a scheduling conflict meant it didn't go up on her update day. Vote, and enjoy it now!

(FYI: When the next vote incentive goes up, all guest art will be collected in a sketch blog post.)

1 comment:

Iron Ed said...

I am thrilled to have been included as one of your guests for the vote incentives art. Thank you for that opportunity.

Now I'm glad -you're- back in action! :-)