Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The commission sketches begin!

Let's get this commissionathon started! For my May con commission promotion, I have requests so far. Since I can't go forward until I get approval, and the effort begins tomorrow, I'd best get these out there so the clients can review them!

First up is Jonathan's. He asked for Ms. Monster on vacation. I decided to have her playing with a beach ball. Above is the second sketch I made for her. The first was action, but the action had her arm coming across her body and obscuring... stuff. This time I drew her on the beach holding the ball, but felt it was a bit too static.

This is the one I like. It's an overhead angle of her playing with the ball. Maybe more challenging, but a good composition.  Through the joint miracles of iPhone and Twitter, I already got approval on this one. I know I said I wasn't doing this first come, first serve, but for the first of May, I think I'll slot in the only confirmed piece I have and let the rest work themselves out.

Jonas asked me to draw a commission with Dionne acting nice (for her).  I took this as her pretending to be nice while still being horrible.  Somehow that scene from Kill Bill popped into my head, where the nurse was actually assassin Elle Driver. It might not totally be appropriate for the idea, but I *had* to draw it.

This might be more in line with the theme.  Dionne selling cookies outside a weight loss center. I don't know how much is visible on the small sketch, but the sign has her continuously increasing her prices - while she happily counts her money.  I originally labeled them as girl scout cookies, but Jonas is from France and I dunno if the term has the same cultural impact there.

Ed actually sent me a drawing he had been working on, asking me to adapt it. It's his character painting Kaitlyn in her princess outfit.  The first attempt was copying his layout, with the main change being Kaitlyn looking annoyed. (While the painting could show her being happy and princessy!)

Since the first version didn't show up much of Ed's character, I moved the figures around a bit for the second try. I also scrunched them up to make this a vertical composition.  I should also note that I did this sketch without Ed's character sketch in front of me, so the markings aren't right.  No one freak out over it!

And that's the first wave. I'm going to post now because Blogger is throwing error messages at me and I'm scared it'll go down at any moment.

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Iron Ed said...

Wow, that was fast! Nice job too!

I agree with you; I like your second version better. Only problem is that Kaitlyn ends up so small she looks like an after-thought. In my (humble ;-)) opinion Kaitlyn is at least as important as my character for the feel of this picture.

Thanks! This looks like it will be great!!!

I'll also send this info via email, along with a pointer to my DeviantArt page so you can see the shades I'm currently using for him.