Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sailor Dionne

And here we have another commission. This one is about Dionne taking the schoolgirl outfit style and trumping Autumn. Japanese schoolgirl > Catholic schoolgirl?

Finding a proper source was a far more harrowing experience than expected. Let me tell you something... If you are interested in drawing a sailor suit, Googling "Japanese schoolgirl" is THE WRONG THING TO DO! Holy crap, it's all creepy and gross porn! I should get hazard pay for this commission.

The first step is nailing down Dionne's look. After that, I can play around with poses.

(click the image for a larger version.)


Anonymous said...

Wow. We went from absolutely adorable to absolutely frightening in less than a day. For Autumn, being cute and adorable is a weapon, but when that weapon is grabbed away by Dionne, watch out.

Augie said...

Are you using Yahoo Search or summin'?
Google keeps the results relatively clean for me. :/

And whatever you do, don't ever dare try drawing Autumn and Dionne in those things together. The world is not ready yet. XD