Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Here's the line work for the Yvette sketch. As you can see, we went with her hugging the stuffed animal. The ear and tail markings will be done in colored pencil, so that is why they are missing from this drawing. I ended up making this drawing on a full page of paper instead of the half-page as planned, so my tiniest character is nice and big for me. In the future, I may want to do a card-sized drawing for a donation incentive.

If approved, I will get to coloring - provided my printer behaves. My printer is old and surly. Don't make me replace you with the young hotshot printer/scanner combo upstairs, old man!


Anonymous said...

She's so adorable...As for size, wouldn't Thing One or Thing Two be the smallest character?

Christopher J Paulsen said...

Ok, fine, the smallest of the class then.